Solutions for Providers

Health Leads works with clinics to connect patients to basic resources, improving health outcomes and patient satisfaction while lowering the cost of care.

Our solutions are backed by:

  • 20 years of experience and deep expertise
  • A mission-driven, unwavering commitment to addressing social needs
  • A broad network of clinical leaders to fuel program improvements and best practices
  • Flexible tools and workflows designed for pediatric, adult and senior populations
  • Dedicated, nimble and 24×7 account management

Health Leads Workshops

Learn how the Health Leads approach can be used to address social needs in a range of care settings and with a variety of resources. Instruction, tools, activities and group discussion help participants build a plan for starting or expanding their social needs program. Workshops cover a range of topics, including:

  • Identifying and screening a patient population to surface social needs;
  • Scoping and building a resource directory to meet patient and provider needs;
  • Designing a social needs program for your workforce – paid or volunteer;
  • Integrating your program into the clinical workflow;
  • Measuring the impact of your social needs program.

Health Leads Collaborative

Work intensively with Health Leads and a cohort of peers to build, integrate and improve a program which makes social needs part of your standard of care. With access to our Health Leads Reach™ platform and data analytics, these one-year engagements include:

  • Regular 1:1 coaching sessions with Health Leads for targeted guidance and support.
  • Small working groups to focus on common needs and interests.
  • Full-cohort activities, including virtual and in-person meetings, to accelerate learning and maximize peer connections across the collaborative.

Health Leads Consulting

Our strategic consulting services are customized to your needs and goals, at every point in the process:

  • Health Leads Advisory – Access Health Leads experts for guidance, tools and project management support to develop or expand your social needs program.
  • Health Leads Design – Work closely with Health Leads consultants to develop a multi-year social needs plan that encompasses design and assessment around vision, patient population, outcomes, workflow, staffing, resources and technology.
  • Health Leads Toolkits – Leverage Health Leads toolkits to kick-start your program in six key areas – clinical integration, screening, intake, resource directory, case management and physical environment.

Health Leads Direct Services

When staffing seems like an insurmountable barrier, Health Leads can also provide the workforce to implement and sustain a successful social needs program, with the goal to ultimately empower health systems to take on their own staffing and fulfillment. Health Leads Direct Services offers two high-impact service options:

  • On-Site Services, with full-time and/or voluntary staff;
  • Remote Services, leveraging our Community Hubs call center staff to serve larger regions and specific patient populations.

Health Leads Reach™ Platform, Services and Analytics

Our Reach platform is the only purpose-built, cloud-based solution for managing your social needs program. It puts you in control of your program and provides the data to drive continuous improvement. Our Reach services get you up and running with the platform quickly, without added IT burden. Core to Reach is a social needs workflow, patient screening, case management, resource directory, communication module and reporting. Additional services include EHR integration, analytics and custom reporting.

Contra Costa Health CEO Anna Roth on Health Leads’ Impact

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