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Take a deep dive into social needs programs – including critical decision points, best practices, tools and resources – and learn how to build a sustainable social needs strategy.

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    Time to Incorporate Social Needs Into Patient Care

    Today we spend most of our time and money wrangling about clinical care, while population health — the health outcomes of groups of individuals — has been allowed to languish. We need to blur the distinction between clinical care and population health and look more closely at unmet social needs, says Health Leads President Rocco Perla in this piece listing out the three things the health care sector can do to address patients’ social determinants of health.

    The Community Cure for Health Care

    Large health care systems are beginning to invest core operating dollars in connecting their patients to community resources, in service of the ultimate solution to better costs and outcomes: keeping patients healthy. A new report by The Bridgespan Group in Boston examines the experiences of Health Leads’ partners New York City Health + Hospitals and Kaiser Permanente Southern California to gleam insights on how to effectively screen for and address social needs across different geographies and diverse populations–at scale.

    Toolkit Helps Medical Providers Screen for Unmet Social Needs

    Even if doctors could prescribe lifestyle improvements for their patients—a safer home or healthier food—instead of pills and shots, they might not know where to begin. “There really hasn’t been a lot of guidance for healthcare practitioners and institutions on how to actually address social needs in clinical settings,” says Health Leads President Rocco Perla in this piece highlighting our new Screening Toolkit. Compared to a safe, heated home, nutritious food or electricity, “all the healthcare in the world isn’t going to be as helpful.”