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We Envision a Different Kind of Healthcare.

Health Leads envisions a healthcare system that addresses all patients’ basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care.

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    Call to Payers: Social Needs and Total Cost of Care

    Speaking at the 2016 America’s Health Insurance Plans Institute & Expo, President Rocco Perla issued a powerful call to payers to, as the entities ultimately responsible for the quality and total cost of care, take the first few simple steps to address social co-morbidities. Read the abbreviated version of his remarks on our blog for the three things payers can do to wrestle this central driver of total cost of care to the ground.

    Using SDoH Data to Improve Healthcare

    Until recently, collecting data about, and addressing social determinants of health (SDoH) has largely been done outside of health care systems. Now, however, the time is right for the health care system to get engaged in this work. This report provides health foundations with a perspective on the emerging intersection of SDoH, health care systems and social and other services–fields that intersect in how and what data are collected. The authors interviewed 38 experts, including members of Health Leads’ executive staff, for insights on collecting and using SDoH data.

    How One Health System Addressed Its Patients’ Social Needs

    “The reality is people are suffering all around us,” says Anna Roth, CEO of Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, in an article detailing the organization’s unprecedented effort to make addressing social needs a standard part of healthcare. Since 2014, CCRMC and Health Leads have partnered in a common vision to ensure every patient has the basic resources they need to be healthy, leading efforts in clinical integration, evaluation, innovation and sector leadership. “I don’t see it as a challenge, but as a mandate for us to develop these new skills. It’s time and it’s overdue.”