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Latest Blog Posts in 2021

Collaborating with Patients to Design SDoH Integration

Patient leadership is critical to delivering high quality, effective SDoH interventions that are aligned with the needs of patients and community. In this brief, we discuss the impact of patients’ involvement in the design of primary care-based SDoH work, as well as key recommendations and accompanying tools to effectively co-design healthcare improvement with patients.

Storyboard: Engaging Patients in Social Determinants of Health Program Improvement

At the 2019 Institute for Healthcare Improvement's National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care, presenters Rosa Palcios and Adrianna Saada shared patient engagement strategies, highlighting different patient leadership structures, lessons learned and key findings from our Collaborative to Advance Social Health Integration.

Why ‘Small Data’ is Key to Community Health

Any organization that works to address community-level health inequities must think seriously about how to ensure data are not only mission-aligned, but actually build the kind of shared power needed to achieve health goals. In these situations, ‘Small Data’ can be just as important — if not moreso — than the Big Data we hear about so frequently. Here's what Small Data is and isn't.


Creating Inclusive Meeting Space to Ensure Community Participation

When executed successfully, inclusive spaces result in a safe, trusting environment that encourages full group participation, diversity of thought and equitable decision-making required to advance community-centered health goals. This simple checklist captures best practices that bring awareness to behaviors that work for and against the level of inclusion that is needed for effective community or patient engagement strategies.

A Recipe for Meaningful Community Engagement

True partnership and engagement with communities requires organizations to move beyond transactional relationships. In this whitepaper, our friends at The Justice Collective outline the questions and approaches we must consider to foster more intentional, meaningful connections and partnerships.