Investing in Referral Networks to Advance Racial Health Equity | Part One: Centering Community Experiences in Resource Referral Systems

February 15, 2024

1:00 pm ET

Speakers for the upcoming webinar

Closed captioning will be provided!

Community Referral Networks (CRNs) bridge resource gaps in underserved communities, address social determinants of health needs, and make it easier for community members to access essential resources. With the right financial resources and collective collaboration, CRNs have the potential to create more equitable and effective healthcare systems and community health initiatives. 

In the first webinar of our Investing in Referral Networks to Advance Racial Health Equity series, panelists will use the results of a community-centered study to share insights of community members navigating and experiencing CRNs, as well as the challenges and emerging practices to CRN management. We’ll hear the perspectives of a community-based organization and healthcare system who participated on the research team, as well as share helpful tools and resources to improve community member experiences.

We invite community-based organizations, healthcare systems and investors to join us in an engaging conversation on what is and isn’t working with CRNs.


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