Investing in Referral Networks to Advance Racial Health Equity | Part Two: Keys to Successful Community Referral Networks: Findings from an 18-month Analysis

February 29, 2024

1:00 pm ET

Speakers for the upcoming webinar

Closed captioning will be provided!

Community Referral Networks (CRNs) build critical connections between local organizations, create a comprehensive view of available services, and make it easier for individuals and families to access essential resources. With the right financial resources and collaboration, CRNs have the potential to create more equitable and effective local systems of health and improve the impact of community health initiatives. 

But effectively funding and resourcing CRNs can be a challenge. Join us for the second webinar of the Investing in Referral Networks to Advance Racial Health Equity series, where we’ll unveil insights and recommendations on CRN staffing, finances, and impact measurement, based on our 18-month study of seven CRNs. Hear directly from community-based organization leaders about how they manage their CRN resourcing and partnerships. 

We invite community-based organizations, healthcare systems and investors interested in building or supporting CRNs to join this in-depth discussion on how to invest to ensure the sustainability of CRNs to best support your community.


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