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Progress through Collaboration

The Health Leads Network was created to bring action-oriented practitioners together to collaborate, share and learn from each other. Together, we’ll translate critical front-line experience into tangible tools, guidance and learning opportunities — all designed to support you in advancing the integration of essential needs into community-led health initiatives. Read our welcome message and check out the Network Overview to learn more about how we work and learn together.

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Strength in Community

The Health Leads Network is a community of healthcare practitioners and caregivers who are taking action to address essential needs within our organizations. We work in a wide range of health system roles and settings — but we share a commitment both to drive improvement initiatives on the ground, and to advance health equity in our communities.

Each of us is involved at the level that best fits the needs of our program or practice — whether engaged in collaborative learning and insight development as a full member of the Network, or by taking a more self-driven approach to exploring available tools and resources through the Network Newsletter. Choose the path that’s right for you and join us today.

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Our North Star: Health Equity

The Network offers the kind of tangible resources, learning and community that healthcare practitioners need to turn community health goals into action. Our efforts tackle several of the key barriers front-line practitioners and caregivers face in pursuing health equity.

Featured Resources

Our library of resources grows each week with the addition of new tools, research and best practices — covering these key barriers and a number of other important topics. Take a look at all we offer.

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Have questions on how the Network can support your work? Want additional information on opportunities for collaboration or learning? Don’t hesitate to reach out directly. We’d love to hear from you!