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Overcoming the Greatest Barriers to Patient Care

Health care leaders and front-line clinicians have long understood the connection between essential needs—such as food, housing, and transportation—and the health of their patients. Leading studies indicate social and environmental factors account for nearly 70 percent of all health outcomes.


Ubuntu, American Diversity, and the Importance of Our Stories

With all the discord and uncertainty that surrounds us today, we must do everything possible to approach each other from a place of understanding, respect and compassion. That kind of open, inclusive and equitable approach often begins by sharing a simple story. So what is your story?


Is the Healthcare System Stable?

An understanding of variation can unlock some of our most pressing public policy challenges by enabling data to reveal exactly where we should focus our finite time, dollars, and research capacity.


Expect More, Not Less

Like so many, we have spent the past weeks considering the election and its implications for our country. One thing is clear: we have an obligation to make our values more explicit than ever before.