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We're certainly not the only ones excited about the vision of health, well-being and dignity for every person, in every community. A growing network of determined people and organizations are re-imagining health in their communities - and serving as true champions of change in the healthcare system. Read, watch and share their stories here - and we know there are so many more, so please nominate others!

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Dr. Michael Fingerhood

Working in East Baltimore, Dr. Fingerwood knows community matters - and regularly talks to church leaders, visits senior centers and meets with patients at a local recovery center.

Dr. Michael Fingerhood's Story

Lael Morris

“I’m not a statistic. According to statistics, I should not be employed, but that has not been my story. We need to know each other’s stories in order to be healthy.”

Lael Morris's Story

Upper Peninsula Health Plan

A Michigan-based health plan serving a rural community goes the extra mile to help people get the essentials we all need to be healthy.

Upper Peninsula Health Plan's Story

Urban Edge

Urban Edge is pushing to break down silos, design around the community’s existing assets and show how bridging services with healthcare will remove barriers to health.

Urban Edge's Story

Doug Burns

“If we focus on maintenance and actually let doctors and patients get to know each other, and the things that really matter to people, we can avoid so many expensive healthcare treatments down the line.”

Doug Burns's Story

Rosa Palacios

"I see more health plans and hospitals looking more into the person as a whole--not just a person with a disability or infection, getting us closer to the healthcare system we envision."

Rosa Palacios's Story

Cottage Health

VP of Population Health Katy Bazylewicz on how Cottage Health involves both data and input from its community to address people's social, mental and physical needs.

Cottage Health's Story

The Dimock Center

A trailblazer in community health with a deep tradition of supporting the resilience of the human spirit.

The Dimock Center's Story

Dr. Aparna Bole

"Far from the health care system becoming marginalized or irrelevant in keeping people healthy, we have this incredible leverage and opportunity to do the exact opposite."

Dr. Aparna Bole's Story

Contra Costa Health Services

"We should be doing anything we can to produce health, and if that means supporting people's most basic needs, that's what we need to do. And we should not apologize for that or ask permission."

Contra Costa Health Services's Story

Baltimore City Health Department

A passionate public health practitioner on what healthcare systems can learn from community-level efforts advocacy and how we can democratize health and design around patients.

Baltimore City Health Department's Story

Project Bread

For over 50 years, Project Bread has led efforts to combat hunger in Massachusetts. The team is committed to this charge by helping people access healthy food today, and combating the systems that create hunger through advocacy, education, and community action.

Project Bread's Story

Arlinda, Re-Entry Health Conductor

“I want to make incarcerated men and women visible instead of hiding in the back because of our struggles. That’s the only reason I tell my story.”

Arlinda, Re-Entry Health Conductor's Story

2-1-1 San Diego

Karis Grounds on discovering what health means in each community - and it starts with valuing the perspective of community members, being present, getting engaged and asking questions.

2-1-1 San Diego's Story

Kathie Roberts

"Medical care should focus more on treating the disease, but its whole-body impact, rather than ‘band-aiding’ individual symptoms.”

Kathie Roberts's Story

Zakiya Alake

“Patient-centered care is grounded in respect on both sides and a willingness to take risks - explore outside of conventions - to find the effective solutions.”

Zakiya Alake's Story

Marla Mays

“If we create the time to stay human, doctors can make fewer assumptions and get to the right questions.”

Marla Mays's Story

Dr. Veronica Gunn

Hear why pediatrician Dr. Gunn advocates for policies and systems that improve the environments where kids live, learn, play and grow.

Dr. Veronica Gunn's Story

Tiana Roberts

“Doctors need to have the time to develop real relationships with their patients. People need to know they can tell their doctors about their problems and be heard.”

Tiana Roberts's Story

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

One of the largest pediatric hospitals in the country, Arkansas Children’s has a vision for child health that is just as big as its’ physical presence in Little Rock.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital's Story

Barbara Atkins

Barbara believes everyone deserves care that goes beyond simply “prescribing to treat the disease” and supports every person in living their healthiest life possible.

Barbara Atkins's Story

University Hospitals Cleveland

How did Cleveland's Rainbow Babies & Children drop its NICU volume? "When you ask the right questions, the answer becomes really clear."

University Hospitals Cleveland's Story

Rogue Challenge

"Partnership” took on new meaning to Rogue Community Health and six other community organizations based out of Southern Oregon.

Rogue Challenge's Story

Tamy-Fee Meneide

Tamy-Fee hopes her son will someday live in a world where his doctors and local health system really understand the kind of care their community wants.

Tamy-Fee Meneide's Story

Dr. Sara Levin

"We've been defined in health care by the facilities in which we practice, but what gives meaning to our work is our interactions with the patients we care for."

Dr. Sara Levin's Story

Boston Medical Center

"We understand that when people come in the door, there may be some things that get in the way of what we're trying to do."

Boston Medical Center's Story