Our Impact

Health Leads changes the lives of patients, empowers healthcare providers and builds the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Changing What “Counts” as Healthcare:

  • Make meaningful clinical impact by addressing social needs → Evaluation of Health Leads-powered clinics has connected social needs to chronic conditions and showed meaningful improvements in risk factors like cholesterol and blood pressure when resource needs are met.
  • Better understand your patient population to provide the right care → One Health Leads-enabled facility saw 58% of patients screen positive for basic resource needs – 30% more than estimated by its clinical team.
  • Increase clinician satisfaction → Health Leads-supported clinicians are 70% more likely to report that their clinic has adequate support in securing needed resources for patients.
  • Expand your reach through patient satisfaction → Patients visiting Health Leads-enabled facilities are 69% more likely to recommend that clinic to friends and family.