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The free accompanying Screening Guide is designed to support conversation and action surrounding the documentary. It can help motivated healthcare providers, system leaders, patient advocates and community organizers use the film to deepen understanding about the link between essential needs and health, as well as inspire steps—modest or bold—that any viewer can take to support this growing movement to redefine what counts as healthcare.

If you are a care provider often frustrated by the inability to tackle poor health at the root…

If you are helping people access what they need outside of traditional healthcare, like housing, employment, healthy food, transportation, violence-free communities, etc…

If you represent a healthcare interest group with overlooked but important essential needs (disabilities, mental health, etc.)…

If you work as a paraprofessional or patient advocate who is often caught in a healthcare plan that does not have a full picture of your clients’ health priorities…

If you are a concerned citizen that would like to address the unmet healthcare needs in your community, like lack of access to affordable, healthy food…

…this film and guide are for you!


  • Questions for you to consider about your goals, audiences, and planning as you begin preparing for your event.
  • A planning checklist to keep track of details from outreach to technical logistics.
  • Facilitation ideas and discussion prompts to help kick off conversations and others to help you go deeper.
  • Organizations, tools and other support available to healthcare providers and community leaders to help take action.

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