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Health starts with the essentials we all need to thrive.

Impact of different factors on health outcomes.

Top essential needs that impact health.

But, even with trillions of dollars behind them, healthcare and social services are often too complex and siloed to help those most in need...

And solutions are often created without input from the people they're actually designed to impact...


More than three-quarters of adults hope to see an increase in spending on essential resources.

Physician vs. patient preference for extended chemotherapy.

...which puts even more strain on people and communities already disproportionately impacted by the legacy of poverty and oppression.

Infant mortality comparison by race.

Life expectancy with comparison by income quintile.

But we have an opportunity to rethink how local organizations work together, allocate resources and follow the lead of their communities...

Impact of SNAP enrollment on healthcare costs.

Effect of moving into affordable housing.

... and it's already happening in communities across the United States.

Agreement that essential resources impact health.

Concern over social health crosses party lines.

Changing healthcare in this country is possible - and it starts with a community-led approach.