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The Health Leads Network was created to bring action-oriented practitioners together to collaborate, share and learn from each other. Together, we translate critical front-line experience into tangible tools, guidance and learning opportunities — all designed to support us in advancing the integration of essential needs into community-led health initiatives.

Delivered to your inbox each month, our Network Newsletter compiles the latest case studies, toolkits, webinars and recommended reading — among opportunities to connect with and learn from other Network members. We’re constantly in search of the most promising practices and front-line expertise to apply in clinical and community settings, so use the form below to add your name to stay up to date. (Interested in deeper insight and collaborative learning? Learn more about becoming a full Network Member.)

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Glossary of Terms

Eligible Population: the individuals within your service area — including patients and/or community residents — who qualify to be served by your essential needs program or intervention

Essential Needs/Essential Resource Needs: resource needs like housing, food, transportation or social supports that can impact one’s ability to achieve health and wellness

Essential Needs Program or Intervention: the support, assistance and activities aimed at connection patients to essential resources (food, shelter, etc.)