National Caregiver Coalition

Caregiving is core to health and strong communities. Yet the work of caregivers is often under-resourced and under-valued. That’s why we launched the National Caregiver Coalition.

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Building a diverse community of caregivers

We know that meaningful change is only possible when solutions are driven by the communities most affected. Our Caregiver Coalition consists of representatives from across the country and caregiving spectrum. Members include those providing care to family, community health workers, institutional partners and care receivers. They all bring diverse insights through their unique lived experiences.

Creating a space for ongoing collaboration

In May 2021, Health Leads and our partners held a National Caregiver Summit. The event allowed caregivers to share their experiences and connect with others. Attendees from across the country called for action on key issues affecting them. The top concern? Financial sustainability.

We created the National Caregiver Coalition after these conversations. The Coalition includes a group of caregivers, institutional partners, care receivers and other key stakeholders. Since May 2021, they have worked to develop strategies to improve the financial stability of caregivers, and help recruit and onboard new members

What’s Next?

The Coalition will present their findings at the 2024 National Caregiver Summit. Those interested in learning more about their work can subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about the Summit.


May 2021

National Caregiver Summit inspired creation of coalition

October 2022

Coalition recruitment began

January 2023

14 member coalitions were formed

May 2024

Coalition members will present at National Caregiver Summit

June 2024

Coalition will wrap up their efforts and off-board in June

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Tigee Hill
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Advocating for Sustainable Caregiving

Our caregiving projects aim to unearth and address the root causes of the challenges facing the caregiving community, by uplifting caregiver stories, data collection and analysis, and convening caregivers to set adovacay agendas.

Caregiver Summit

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