WEBINAR: Community Engagement + Resource Referral Tech = Whole-Person Health

May 31, 2019

12:00 pm EST


On Friday, May 31, join Health Leads and LA’s Magnolia Community Initiative (MCI) for a free online discussion of an innovative model that combines resource referral technology with neighbor-to-neighbor connections to improve community health.

Adoption of ‘screening and referral’ technology alone is not enough to ensure families are connected with the community-based providers and resources that address essential needs. True collaboration and relationship-building among staff, partner agencies and community members around these new technologies is critical to the success of essential needs programs.

This free program will demonstrate how MCI developed their place-based network of community members and local organizations who are rethinking how local resources are harnessed to strengthen families.

Webinar participants will:

  • Identify practical steps you can take to make sure staff, clients and partners adopt and use resource referral technology
  • Review two approaches that create space for clients to become familiar with local resources — and spread the word to others with similar resource needs
  • Learn how innovative community partnerships can sustain these structures and ensure the platform and available resources better meet the clients’ needs