About Health Leads

We are an innovation hub that seeks to unearth and address the deep societal roots of racial inequity that impact our health. Founded in 1996, we helped set the standard for health systems and clinics looking to integrate programs that connect people to essential resources like food, heat and housing.

Today, we work both nationally and locally, across the U.S., to build partnerships and redesign systems so every person, in every community, can live with health, well-being and dignity.


We’re fueled by a vision of health, dignity, and well-being for every person in every community.

We see a future where healthcare systems, community-based organizations, public health departments, and so many others work in concert to co-design systems of health that are driven by the needs of each community.


We partner with communities and health systems to address systemic causes of inequity and disease. We do this by removing barriers that keep people from identifying, accessing and choosing the resources everyone needs to be healthy.


No one organization or entity alone can remove the complex barriers to health — and we can go so much further if we’re willing to work together to address systemic challenges like income inequality and racism. We partner with and learn from community organizations, public health departments and health systems that are working together in new ways and allocating resources differently — with community-defined health goals at the forefront.

  • Community-level Health Initiatives: Partner with local organizations to bring together services, treatments, technology, data and resources in new ways to achieve the health goals that matter most to that community.
  • Accelerating Practice: Facilitate a growing network of healthcare and community-based innovators to share learnings about community-centered health.
  • Targeted Advocacy: Work with community members on standards, regulations and policies that eliminate harmful systems of inequity that lead to poor health.


We care deeply about what we do AND how we do it. Here’s how our team approaches our vision and mission.


We understand that strong leadership calls us to respect and honor the lived experiences and strengths each of person brings to the table — and believe that effective collaboration to advance community health is firmly rooted in mutual trust.

Justice through Equity & Inclusion

We recognize that systems of oppression continue to shape our society and health equity is not possible without social and racial justice. We commit to ‘call in’ our partners and each other to learn, embrace and practice equity and inclusion in all of our efforts.

Empathy & Genuine Relationships

We know that empathy and strong, genuine relationships are fundamental to our daily work. These attributes allow us to find joy and partnership to break down barriers that drive inequity — both on an individual level and across communities. We respect and appreciate the different strengths each of us brings, we embrace moments of conflict, and we celebrate each other’s accomplishments in both big and small moments.

Constant & Courageous Learning

We contribute to bold change and innovation by learning in partnership with communities. We bring passionate curiosity, reflection and humility to continuously build on what we have learned from our experiences. By learning from each other, we fulfil our commitment to promote addressing health inequities so that all people can achieve health.