Become an Advocate

Health Leads Advocates are at the core of our program. Each passionate, self-aware, and skilled student volunteer works directly with families to connect them with services in their community.

Apply to be a Health Leads Advocate

If you are a student at one of our partner universities, you can apply to be an Advocate using the dropdown menu below.

If your university is not listed, we are not currently accepting applications.  Contact your local field office to learn more.

What You Give

As a Health Leads Advocate, you will give us your time, creativity, tenacity, and empathy. You will learn our systems and approach to client service.

What You Get

As a Health Leads Advocate, you will gain a fundamental understanding of the intersection of poverty and health. You will get career valuable skills in client service and leadership. You will learn how to pair that service with a values orientation that develops your approach to working with people.

Why It Matters

Healthcare is at a critical juncture where it will need to change it’s service delivery model in order to serve all people effectively. At Health Leads we believe we have a solution for healthcare that both creates a more effective healthcare system for service providers and serves families in a way that cares for their health instead of managing disease. We actively engage you as students because building a new generation of leaders with the conviction and ability to understand this distinction is imperative to the future.

Exploring the Advocate Experience

Arifeen Rahman reflects on her experiences working as a Health Leads Advocate in the Pediatrics department at Boston Medical Center.

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