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Resource Directory Data Integrity and Sharing
When it comes to health, it’s important to know what community resources matter most. We were a member of Open Referral’s “Open API” steering committee tasked with designing and advocating for a standard way to share resource information between databases. We were also part of Benetech’s convening and looked for opportunities to share data across more than 10 different Bay area resource directory providers.

Designing for the Patient Experience & Improved Outcomes
We believe there is a difference between simply offering a resource vs. ensuring that resource was received AND made an impact on person’s health. Our white paper with United Way 211 Worldwide is a good example of our work to educate and inform others about key challenges for patients accessing community resources.

Advising Other Tech Vendors
Social needs data should sit alongside clinical data to tell the full story of anyone’s health. We’ve built collaboratives of healthcare and community leaders to share our successes and challenges – and sought to advise Epic and others on how to build more effective tools.