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For over 50 years, Project Bread has led efforts to combat hunger in Massachusetts. The team is committed to this charge by helping people access healthy food today, and combating the systems that create hunger through advocacy, education, and community action.

The team at Project Bread acknowledges the role stigma associated with chronic hunger may play in stopping people from seeking help when they find themselves food insecure. Two of their initiatives, the Health Center Initiative and the FoodSource Hotline, highlight both the systems-change and direct service work done by the nonprofit.

With the Health Center Initiative, Project Bread partners with community health centers to combat hunger. Clinicians who understand that a person is food insecure connect them with the team at Project Bread, which follows up figure out the best resource or program for that person.

The FoodSource Hotline is a resource for anyone in Massachusetts who needs food assistance. Available in over 180 languages, the hotline guides individuals through SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) screening eligibility, SNAP application assistance and connecting callers to local food resources in their community.

By partnering with communities and the different actors across the state that affect change — and understanding that food = health — Project Bread has made a difference for thousands of families and individuals throughout the state. We’re honored to partner with them to continue making a difference for communities across Massachusetts.