Workshop 201: Designing an Effective Social Needs Intervention

With mounting evidence that shows the impact social determinants of health has on healthcare quality, utilization, and cost, strategies that connect patients with the essential resources they need to be healthy have never been more critical.

In the Health Leads Workshop 201 Series, our team of experts will guide you through the critical decisionsbest practices, and tools to build a successful social needs intervention. In this five-week workshop, your team will learn how to develop a strategy to identify patients’ social needs and connect them to vital community resources.

In these 90-minute sessions, Health Leads experts will examine:

  • Key Drivers for a successful social needs intervention
  • Case studies, tool, and resources from diverse, high-performing social needs programs
  • Successful practices, common challenges, and key decisions to guide your individual planning process

This workshop series is ideal for healthcare delivery organizations, local health departments, and other organizations that are ready to develop or refine a program to address essential social needs in a clinical setting.

Your team will be able to engage in meaningful peer-learning opportunities in a small group environment — and emerge with an Action Plan to help develop and implement a unique strategy for your organization and patient population.

Action Plan

The Action Plan, which guides participants through seven design stages that align with the key drivers we have identified as essential to a successful social needs program, is now available. Download a copy of the Action Plan Workbook to begin designing a social needs program for your organization.

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The Health Leads Workshop was a high quality program that will help serve patients more holistically across the nation.

Director of Clinical Operations, a Community Health Center