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Opportunities to Inform a Business Case for Upstream, Equitable and Community-Centered Prevention


Keywords: Business Case, CIE, Community Information Exchange, Essential Resources, Funding, Health Equity, Payment Models, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), Social Health Intervention, Value-based Payment, healthcare leadership

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased existing demands for essential resources that our critical to our health, the healthcare system continues to be disincentivized to establish a business case to fund effective upstream prevention. Today, SDOH interventions represent only 2% of overall dollars spent as part of healthcare’s Community Benefit programs, and while on the rise, the sector struggles to establish a robust value story that could support long-term investment.

Drawing on key learnings from our collaborative and community information exchange projects, this paper aims to offer a starting point to address power imbalances in healthcare payment structures, build a more equitable, community-centered reimbursement, funding and incentive systems, and shift resources to include upstream, preventive interventions.

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Tags: Data & Evaluation, Finance, Payment & Policy, Leadership & Change Management, Whitepaper/Research

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