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Network Crash Course: Inclusive Process Mapping with Patients & Clients


Keywords: PDSA, Patient Engagement, Quality Improvement

In this 15-minute Crash Course, our Manager of Quality Improvement, Karina Melkonyan, walks through through the basics of process mapping and the importance of including those who are most impacted by our work: patients, clients and community members. Karina offers recommended practices, real-life examples and helpful tips to surface pain points, challenges and opportunities opportunities for improvement.

Among the key tips for effective and inclusive process mapping:

  1. Define processes from the client’s perspective
  2. Identify relevant participants, especially process ‘users’
  3. Focus attention on what happens at least 80% of the time
  4. Uncover pain points and challenges
  5. Create an equitable environment for clients to participate


Additional Process Mapping & QI Resources


Tags: Data & Evaluation, Harnessing Data, Video/Explainer, Webinar/Training

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