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Latest Blog Posts in 2022

Telehealth Resource Training Guide

Developed by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Housing for Health and Health Leads, this resource provides helpful guidance and considerations for telehealth training development.

The CIE Data Equity Framework

The challenges associated with confronting and eliminating structural racism are extensive and require intentional reflection and correction of the processes and systems that harm communities. The CIE Data Equity Framework, created in partnership with Dr. Rhea Boyd, 211/CIE San Diego and Health Leads, is an innovative framework that guides individuals and institutions towards building anti-racist systems that create more equitable and inclusive systems

Barriers and Opportunities: Doula Care in the Age of the Pandemic

Despite their proven effectiveness in improving birth outcomes, Doulas continue to face barriers to providing care that have been further intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. This resource shares learnings from a series of focus groups Health Leads conducted with Doulas working in New York City, presenting challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for how institutions can better integrate and support doulas into the care team.