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Latest Blog Posts in 2020

Can Hospitals and Clinics Spread Social Health Integration Faster and Better? Results of an 18-Month Collaborative Says They Can.

We set out to explore and understand how to both improve and spread these existing pilots – operationally and financially. Two years later, we’ve reached the end of the Collaborative to Advance Social Health Integration (CASHI), a community of 21 innovative primary care teams and community partners across the country committed to increasing the number of people who have the essential resources they need to be healthy.

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Promoting Community Health through Direct Engagement

While most health systems embrace a proactive approach to social determinants of health, identifying the true health needs of a community and addressing those through cost-effective interventions can be daunting. This case study illustrates how three Baltimore-area hospitals drive their population health agenda by including the community in program design and systems of accountability. 

AHA Podcast: Improving Value by Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

"I know addressing essential needs is the right thing to do. But how do I prove value?" It's a question we field frequently at Health Leads — and this podcast from the 2019 ACHI Conference captures panelists' insights on the many ways healthcare and social service providers are partnering to drive value in their communities.