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Latest Blog Posts in 2020

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Opportunities to Inform a Business Case for Upstream, Equitable and Community-Centered Prevention

10.27.2020 | Health Leads

Drawing on key learnings from our collaborative and community information exchange projects, this white paper provides a starting point for healthcare institutions to address power imbalances in healthcare payment structures, build a more equitable, community-centered reimbursement, funding and incentive systems, and shift resources to include upstream, preventive interventions.

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Collaborating with Patients to Design SDoH Integration

09.29.2020 | Health Leads

Patient leadership is critical to delivering high quality, effective SDoH interventions that are aligned with the needs of patients and community. In this brief, we discuss the impact of patients’ involvement in the design of primary care-based SDoH work, as well as key recommendations and accompanying tools to effectively co-design healthcare improvement with patients.

COVID vs. Essential Resources Curves_Thumb

Flattening the Next COVID-19 Curve – Our Essential Resources

04.13.2020 | Alexandra Quinn

The impact of this pandemic extends far beyond the illness itself – and right now, another demand curve shows the secondary impacts of COVID-19 are already starting to surge. The economic fallout has already started to expose our systems’ deepest flaws, fractures and inequities, but we can take action now to respond and rebuild.