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Latest Blog Posts in 2019

A Framework for Building Clinical-Community Partnerships to Address SDOH

09.27.2019 | United Hospital Fund

United Hospital Fund has developed a framework for primary care providers to establish essential needs screening and referral programs with community-based organizations (CBOs). This framework provides guidance on selecting a screening tool and developing workflows — as well as how to identify appropriate CBOs to partner with and strategies to foster productive, mutually-beneficial relationships.

Resource Referral Guide & Templates

07.24.2019 | Health Leads

Providing high quality, accurate referrals to community resources can help patients or clients successfully access the resources they need to be healthy. The practical steps and fillable templates containted in this guide are designed to help healthcare and community-based organizations create and maintain high-quality resource listings for clients – and proactively address barriers to access.

No Wrong Door: A Successful Cross-Sector Hub to Improve Access to Essential Resources

06.26.2019 | Health Leads

This case study highlights the structure and impact of Rogue Community Health's 'Community Hub' – an Oregeon-based regional referral network of healthcare and community service providers that's supported by a shared, closed-loop screening and resource referral platform. Collaboratively built with community partners, the Hub model helps to ensure that local residents can access the resources they need, when they need them – and improve health outcomes along the way.