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Latest Blog Posts in 2020

Putting Learning into Practice to Innovate and Improve Patient Services: A Case Study of Seattle Children’s Hospital

02.26.2020 | Health Leads

To ensure social health programs are effective and scalable, Seattle Children’s embraces a culture that supports experimentation and failing fast - the concept of testing out new processes or activities on a small scale and adjusting or stopping the activity if it doesn’t yield the intended results. See how their team has been pursuing three distinct but aligned social health strategies. 

Patient Perspectives on Addressing Social Needs in Primary Care Using a Screening and Resource Referral Intervention

12.02.2019 | Health Leads

We were honored to participate in this important study with our friends from Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, University of Washington, Clarify Health Solutions and Contra Costa Health Services. Read how a human-centered intervention not only improved patients' access to resources, but enabled them to report feeling listened to and cared for, which they perceived as noteworthy in their lives, and strengthen therapeutic relationships.


A Framework for Building Clinical-Community Partnerships to Address SDOH

09.27.2019 | United Hospital Fund

United Hospital Fund has developed a framework for primary care providers to establish essential needs screening and referral programs with community-based organizations (CBOs). This framework provides guidance on selecting a screening tool and developing workflows — as well as how to identify appropriate CBOs to partner with and strategies to foster productive, mutually-beneficial relationships.