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Latest Blog Posts in 2019

The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Worksheet

The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle is a framework for testing and implementing changes on a small scale - and is highly applicable and relevant to social health integration.

Resource Referral Guide & Templates

Providing high quality, accurate referrals to community resources can help patients or clients successfully access the resources they need to be healthy. The practical steps and fillable templates containted in this guide are designed to help healthcare and community-based organizations create and maintain high-quality resource listings for clients – and proactively address barriers to access.

Network Crash Course: Inclusive Process Mapping with Patients & Clients

In this 15-minute 'Crash Course' we walk through through the basics of process mapping and the importance of including those who are most impacted by our work: patients, clients and community members. Tune in for recommended practices, real-life examples and helpful tips to surface pain points, challenges and opportunities opportunities for improvement.

Reflections on Racial Responsibility in Systems Improvement Work

We know that race and racism play a serious role in the systemic inequities that plague our communities. But how do systems of oppression show up in our own quality improvement (QI) programs in healthcare settings? And what can we do about it? NICHQ offers six critical questions to help ensure equity is at the center of all change efforts.

6 Quality Improvement Fundamentals from IHI

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement recommends the “Model for Improvement” as a simple, yet powerful tool for accelerating positive change. The model offers a framework to test change on a small scale using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles.