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Latest Blog Posts in 2019

Primary Health Care That Works: The Costa Rican Experience

Writing for Health Affairs, the authors explore Costa Rica's horizontal integration of public health, preventive and curative care — and offer insight into promising practices that could be adopted in primary care settings here in the United States.

The Kennedy CHC Community Health Worker Orientation Toolkit

Compiled by the Massachusetts-based Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center, the Community Health Worker Orientation Toolkit is a standardized training playbook for newly-hired Community Health Workers (CHWs). The toolkit offers dozens of templates, activities and work scenarios for healthcare organizations interested in learning how best to support their patients through coordinated and structured care.

Arkansas Children’s and the Value of Change Management

Arkansas Children's managed to screen more than 30,000 patient in the first two years of its newest essential needs initiative. This case study explores what AR Children's did to learn from prior mishaps, incorporate feedback in real time, and include all levels of staff in design and refinement.