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Latest Blog Posts in 2020

Webinar Series: Intentionally Integrating Equity into SDOH Interventions

Four health equity champions discuss equity’s role in the design and implementation process of SDOH interventions with a lens towards equity-centered human design. Panelists highlight the tactical approaches and strategies of integrating equity that has led to results and better outcomes in their communities

Checklist for Frontline Workers: How to Keep COVID-19 Out of Your Home

The highly contagious coronavirus is threatening the safety of healthcare and social services workers around the globe, and keeping it out of their homes after a shift is a big challenge. Our Chief Clinical Officer Damon Francis shared these recommendations created by emergency department clinicians in the Bay Area.

Putting Learning into Practice to Innovate and Improve Patient Services: A Case Study of Seattle Children’s Hospital

To ensure social health programs are effective and scalable, Seattle Children’s embraces a culture that supports experimentation and failing fast - the concept of testing out new processes or activities on a small scale and adjusting or stopping the activity if it doesn’t yield the intended results. See how their team has been pursuing three distinct but aligned social health strategies.