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Latest Blog Posts in 2020

Webinar Series: Intentionally Integrating Equity into SDOH Interventions

Four health equity champions discuss equity’s role in the design and implementation process of SDOH interventions with a lens towards equity-centered human design. Panelists highlight the tactical approaches and strategies of integrating equity that has led to results and better outcomes in their communities

Naming and Addressing Systemic Inequities in Healthcare

Naming and understanding the systemic factors that perpetuate inequity — along with a willingness to address them — is essential to any healthcare delivery or public health organization’s efforts to tackle disparities and improve health outcomes. This resource extracts lessons learned and front-line examples from three leaders who are working to address racial inequities in their health systems and communities.

Reflections on Racial Responsibility in Systems Improvement Work

We know that race and racism play a serious role in the systemic inequities that plague our communities. But how do systems of oppression show up in our own quality improvement (QI) programs in healthcare settings? And what can we do about it? NICHQ offers six critical questions to help ensure equity is at the center of all change efforts.