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How Network Analysis Can Help Understand Relationships in a Resource Ecosystem


Keywords: Community Information Exchange, Essential Resources, Research, Resource Connection, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

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This resource was co-authored by Elsbeth Sites, Data Analyst at Health Leads, and Hee sung Shin, Research Scientist at the University of Southern California.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) has shown to be an effective tool in learning how governance structures, communication channels, and trust between member organizations can promote progress toward shared goals, such as improved community health or narrowing gaps in racial health inequities. Conducted by Health Leads, this research study applied  Network Analysis to understand the overall network of Reach referral hubs, including relationships formed through referrals, the strength of those relationships, and how the network changed over time. Key findings as well as principles for what diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) can look like in the world of analytics is discussed.

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Tags: Data & Evaluation, Harnessing Data, Whitepaper/Research

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