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Health Leads Network Forums: How Social Needs Programs are Shifting During the Pandemic


Keywords: COVID-19, Community-centered Care, Coronavirus, Essential Needs, Health Equity, Housing, Patient Screening, Primary Care, Resource Connection, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), Social Health Team & Workflow, Workforce

The historic COVID-19 pandemic is driving significant changes in how social need programs interact with the communities they serve while also creating unprecedented demand for essential resources including, food, housing, and behavioral health services. Responding to daily shifts can be daunting, requiring us to innovate in real-time. 

The Health Leads Network Forum series allows attendees to support each other by sharing promising practices, resources, and learnings that meaningfully and equitably adapt social needs programs during COVID-19. Each forum focuses on one of the primary drivers of social needs integration, creating the space for attendees to share the adaptations that have and haven’t worked across the country. Check out the recordings, one-page summaries, and materials below to learn more information. Interested in attending a future Network Forum? 

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1. Patient Identification & Screening
Download the Summary

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2. Navigation & Resource Connections
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3. Data & Health Information Technology
4. Social Needs Team & Workflow
5. Community Partnerships
6. Leadership & Change Management

Tags: Community Partnerships, Community Partnerships & Engagements, Data & Evaluation, Developed by Health Leads, Fact Sheet/One-Pager, Harnessing Data, Health Equity, ID & Screening, Leadership & Change Management, Navigation & Resource Connection, Social Health Team & Workflow, Webinar/Training, Workforce & Authentic Relationships

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