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Webinar Series: Intentionally Integrating Equity into SDOH Interventions


Keywords: Community Engagement, Community Health Workers, Community-centered Care, Expert Lived Experience, Health Equity, Implicit Bias, Integrated Care Teams, Lived Experience, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Many healthcare and community-based organizations are implementing social determinants of health (SDOH) interventions within their communities to help improve health outcomes, yet some of these initiatives are not yielding the desired results. These interventions mainly target populations from historically underinvested communities that have unfortunately have perceived and/or experienced a healthcare system that perpetuates discrimination and disparities in care.

Addressing SDOH or social risks alone cannot be conflated with tackling inequity – and doing so can put interventions at risk of unintentionally perpetuating disparities. This means integrating equity into the design and evaluation of SDOH interventions is paramount, which includes meaningful integration of:

  • Cultural humility
  • Root causes behind health disparities
  • Language concordance
  • Community alignment
  • Tailored patient experience

In this three-part webinar series, health equity champions from across the country will share their experiences integrating equity into SDOH interventions — highlighting best practices, tools, and frameworks that attendees can apply to their own SDOH work. Attendees will better understand their role as change agents in an inequitable system and have the opportunity to engage in a space that focuses on uplifting and advancing equity, in particular racial equity, and tackling the systemic injustices that impact health.

Part 1: Equity’s Role in SDOH Interventions – Implementation – April 7, 2020
Part 2: Equity’s Role in SDOH Interventions – Evaluation- Date TBC
Part 3: Equity’s Role in SDOH Interventions – System Change – Date TBC

Part 1: Equity’s Role in SDOH Interventions – Implementation
In the interactive webinar of this series, four health equity champions will discuss equity’s role in the design and implementation process of SDOH interventions with a lens towards equity-centered human design. Panelists will highlight the tactical approaches and strategies of integrating equity that has led to results/better outcomes in their communities, including:

  • Ensuring screening efforts display cultural humility and align with the community;
  • Designing SDOH interventions with the most marginalized communities in mind;
  • Understanding the role SDOH interventions have in addressing implicit or explicit discrimination perpetuated by the health system.

Panelists and attendees will also have the opportunity to discuss ways equity can be further advanced by improving upon or developing new SDOH interventions. We encourage those who are interested in the intersection of SDOH and health equity work to attend, ask questions and share their experiences.


  • Leticia Reyes-Nash – Director of the Office of Programmatic Services and Innovation, Cook County Health
  • Moraya Moini – Director of Programs, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, Women’s Health Programs and Innovation
  • Nimisha Patel – Associate Vice President of Management Services, Duke Health | Private Diagnostic Clinic, PLLC
  • Tigee Hill – National Director of Partnerships and Initiatives, Health Leads


  • Artair Rogers, Manager West Coast Partnerships, Health Leads

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