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Comparing Approaches: Lean in Healthcare & IHI Quality Improvement



In this video, IHI faculty member Kevin Little PhD walks through two compatible and complementary approaches to Quality Improvement. Lean was developed at Toyota in the 1940. IHI’s own Quality Improvement framework grew out of its experience in healthcare.

Though not identical, the two approaches to improving performance have many similarities and a great deal to teach each other. Both approaches, for example, are rooted in the real world. Both are data driven and focused on continuous improvement. Lean, however, reflecting its industrial roots, is particularly focused on how management systems can improve production systems with with QI tools. IHI’s QI approach, in contrast, is focused on the project management of complex QI efforts and can be applied to any system.

Ultimately, IHI’s QI approach and Lean are highly compatible and complementary. Dr. Little further explains the strengths of each approach in this four-minute video summary.

Tags: Data & Evaluation, Webinar/Training

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