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Brooklyn Perinatal Network – Lessons Learned: A New Way to Empower Community in SDOH Interventions


Keywords: Community Engagement, Community Health Workers, Community Partnership, Data and Evaluation, Essential Resources, Health Equity, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

This piece features excerpts from an interview with two community leaders of color — Ngozi Moses, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Perinatal Network, and Lebone Moses, President and CEO of Chisara Ventures Inc. — explaining how social determinants of health (SDOH) technology vendors can negatively affect community-based organizations (CBOs).

Ngozi Moses and Lebone Moses articulate a different approach/model that honors the expertise of community members, invests in the local community infrastructure (CBOs), and advocates for a reimagined health system. In this type of model, both CBOs and community members understand their value, and with this understanding, the risk of exploitation and predatory behavior in SDOH interventions decreases because community members and CBOs are compensated fairly.

Tags: Campaigns/Coalitions, Community Partnerships, Community Partnerships & Engagements, Data & Evaluation, Developed by Health Leads, Patient/Provider Story, Social Health Team & Workflow, Whitepaper/Research

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