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Bringing Light & Heat: A Health Equity Guide for Healthcare Transformation and Accountability


Keywords: Health Equity, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), Social Health Intervention, Social Health Team & Workflow, healthcare leadership

In the wake of 2020, we have witnessed a movement among healthcare leaders to place health equity at the forefront of their organization’s work. To ensure this commitment is translated into meaningful, sustainable action, institutions are need of practical guidance. Developed by national organizations with experience at the forefront of healthcare transformation and health equity initiatives, a new guidebook, Bringing Light & Heat: A Health Equity Guide for Healthcare Transformation and Accountability, provides this needed framework. The Guide outlines a strategic process for leaders and managers of healthcare institutions to commit to, own, and advance health equity and racial justice (bringing light) and outlines key questions stakeholders can use to help hold these systems accountable for this critical work (bringing heat).

The following organizations came together to develop this guide, with funding support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: JSI, Health Begins, Health Leads, Human Impact Partners and SIREN at UCSF. Human Impact Partners’ Health Equity Guide, which was designed for local and state health departments, inspired initial versions of the guide.

Tags: Community Partnerships, Community Partnerships & Engagements, Developed by Health Leads, Health Equity, Leadership & Change Management, Toolkit

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