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Collaborative Learning, Insight and Support — All at Your Fingertips

Our Member Profile Survey captures how member organizations are integrating essential needs into care delivery and what they are doing beyond their practice walls to address resource gaps in their communities. The information you provide will enable us to:

  • Identify content that will be of most value to Network members
  • Facilitate meaningful connections between Network members to promote learning and problem solving
  • Develop blinded, aggregate reports to offer Network members a bird’s-eye view of how other participating healthcare delivery organizations and community partners are addressing unmet essential needs
  • Surface and promote members’ work through our Newsletter and other opportunities

If these benefits sound interesting to you, the first step is to complete the survey below. We’ll follow up to schedule a convenient time to speak with one of our Health Leads coaches to learn more about your work and explore how the Network can best support you to reach your program goals. (Looking only to explore available tools and resources? Sign up for the Network Newsletter.)


Before you begin

Be sure to download our helpful survey guide, which includes all questions, response options and a brief glossary of terms. And please don’t hesitate to email network[at] if you have questions!

Download the Survey Guide


Network Member Profile


Glossary of Terms

Community/Health Information Exchange: a network of multi-sector providers who share a common language, service data and resource database to provide care to patients

Community Investment Opportunities:  investments intended to achieve social and environmental benefits in underserved communities

Community Partner: community organizations or stakeholders that you work with to provide programs or services that address essential resource needs of the patients you serve

Community Resource Providers: community organizations, nonprofits and NGOs that provide programs, services or resources to address social needs

Direct Support: working directly with an individual to identify and address unmet essential resource needs — including screening, resource referrals, or providing resource navigation support and/or case management support

Eligible Population: the individuals within your service area — including patients and/or community residents — who qualify to be served by your essential needs program or intervention

Essential Needs/Essential Resource Needs: resource needs like housing, food, transportation or social supports that can impact one’s ability to achieve health and wellness

Essential Needs Program/Initiative/Intervention: the support, assistance and activities aimed at connection patients to essential resources (food, shelter, etc.)

Resource Directory: a compiled catalog of the key resources in your community (often programs or organizations that provide assistance with essential needs)

Target Population: specific groups of individuals for which your program is intended or designed to serve

Workforce: the clinic team, staff, volunteers, etc. who are involved in addressing patients’ essential needs