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The Challenge

  • The trust gap: Historic concerns, new racial tensions, systemic racism, and heightened disparities have further eroded public trust in a safe, effective, and accessible COVID-19 vaccine among hardest hit communities of color. 
  • The leadership gap: A multitude of public/private players are engaged in vaccine strategy, but no single group has emerged to assume responsibility for a national vaccine supply and demand strategy or consistent national movement on these topics.
  • The resource gap: States face a significant resource gap for distribution and communication around a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Opportunity

  • Ideas about how we prioritize community health, public safety, and public trust that previously seemed radical are now moving toward the mainstream. 
  • Policy actors – including legislators and advocacy groups – now have a broader latitude to shift the narrative and change how health works in communities. 
  • The future of public health is local, making it a national imperative to effectively and authentically engage local communities, bolster community-led solutions, and bring together multiple stakeholders committed to working collaboratively to solve our nation’s complex health and equity issues.

Organizing Members

Each organization is deeply committed to racial health equity and actively engaged in vaccine supply and demand working groups. Together, we aim to spark a national campaign and platform that is flexible enough to encompass different solutions and stakeholders, yet specific enough to translate ideas into action. 

Health Leads is an innovation hub that unearths and addresses the deep societal roots of racial inequity that impact health and creating smarter, more equitable, community-centric design processes in public health and essential needs. Health Leads has launched a two-year (2020-2022) Respond and Rebuild Strategy which helps communities meet urgent resource demands worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic today, while also redesigning and rebuilding the systems necessary for a more equitable and crisis-resilient future.
The Community Health Acceleration Partnership (CHAP) works to build stronger, more effective community-health systems through catalytic investments and strategic engagement. CHAP operates with speed and flexibility, focusing on vulnerable and underserved populations worldwide. Through our investors and philanthropic partners, CHAP has long-standing connections with the United Nations, World Health Organization, Rockefeller Foundation, and other leading groups.
The National Association of Community Health Workers (NACHW) unifies the voices of community health workers and strengthens the profession’s capacity to promote healthy communities. NACHW convenes community health workers (CHWs) in national forums and regional work groups to contribute to organizational development planning and direction. Our vision is a movement of community health workers united nationally to support communities in achieving health, equity, and social justice.
The Native Ways Federation (NWF) was founded in 2006 by a group of seven national Native-led nonprofit organizations to activate and expand informed giving to nonprofits in Indian Country through donor education and advocacy. The Native Ways Federation is committed to advocating for increased and more effective philanthropic support across Indian Country – from the perspective of those who are doing the work, particularly Native-led non-profits.
Partners In Health (PIH) is a social justice organization that responds to the moral imperative to provide high-quality health care globally to those who need it most. From Newark, NJ, to Navajo Nation, PIH has been working with public health departments and community partners around the United States to strengthen the public health response against COVID-19.
CONVINCE (COVID New Vaccine Information, Communication and Education) is developing a novel multi-sector initiative to inoculate society against COVID-19 by empowering a “vaccine literate” public to sustain ”community immunity” against coronavirus infection. The CONVINCE business coalition will leverage USCIB’s extensive global network of leading international business organizations and multinational corporations to promote vaccine literacy and uptake with large employers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide.

Join Us

So many organizations and individuals have resources to offer to this effort. Support our work to build collaborative, community-anchored, and equity-driven solutions that strengthen public trust and enable access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines.

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