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Latest Blog Posts in 2023

The Who, What, Where and When of COVID-19 Treatments: Everything You Need to Know About Lifesaving Antivirals

Many community-based organizations supporting pandemic efforts are struggling to ensure the most impacted and at-risk people have information about and access to COVID-19 antiviral treatments. CDC Foundation + Vaccine Equity Cooperative shared the latest information and resources available on COVID-19 antiviral, including programs like the Test to Treat initiative, in this webinar on June 28th.

Past Events

The Heart of Health Equity Ep.9 – Dr. Kyu Rhee, M.D., MPP – Aetna CVS Health

In celebration of Asian American & Pacific Islander Month, host Ashlei A. Rodgers, MPH interviews Dr. Kyu Rhee, Senior Vice President & Aetna Chief Medical Officer at CVS Health. Hear their candid conversation about CVS’ commitment to health equity, the intersectionality between public health and the private sector, data philanthropy and the importance of positive AAPI representation.