The Latest on COVID-19 Testing: What Your Community Needs to Know

Feb 8, 2022

Demand for more COVID-19 testing rose quickly in recent months along with the Omicron variant. New initiatives—including the federal government’s recently-launched at-home testing distribution program—are designed to increase access and affordability. But with multiple testing options available, it’s easy to get confused about which testing method is best in a particular situation; what is the most efficient way to get and administer at-home tests; and what to do in case of a positive result. As important trusted messengers, community-based organizations and workforces need to be equipped with the latest information on testing to keep their communities informed and protected.

In this webinar origionally hosted by the Vaccine Equity Cooperative, experts:

  • Shared an overview of all COVID-19 test opportunities currently available, including how to best utilize testing sites in your community, and secure at-home testing kits for personal use
  • Discussed the federal government plan to equitably distribute at-home tests, ensuring that every American has free and convenient access, and
  • Answered the most frequently asked questions CBOs have about getting their communities tested and protected.


Presentation Slides


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