​Take Three Zucchinis & Call Me in the Morning: The Power of a Produce Rx

Sep 11, 2018

Wholesome Wave is a non-profit organization that connects participants in nutritional assistance programs like SNAP with grocery stores and farmers’ markets that offer locally-grown, healthy foods. Customers can use their SNAP benefits as usual, only with an extra incentive: their purchasing power is doubled when purchasing fruits and vegetables. Founded with a mission to bring healthy food to those who need it most, Wholesome Wave was a pioneer in this now-commonplace practice in SNAP programs.

But perhaps even more impressive is their Fruit & Vegetable Rx (FVRx) initiative, which enables healthcare providers to write prescriptions for healthy food like fresh produce. FVRx vouchers can then be redeemed at a number of locations throughout the community — from neighborhood farmers markets to big retailers like Target.

Today, Wholesome Wave has expanded to a national network of more than 1,400 locations — including grocery stores, bodegas, farmers markets, and even hospitals and clinics. It serves as an inspiring example what can be accomplished when healthcare delivery organizations partner with communities to tackle food deserts and other challenges that affect patient health.

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