Beyond Do No Harm: Structural Racism in Tech-Forward SDOH Solutions

With an increased investment in social determinants of health (SDOH) interventions, we have seen a rapid increase of SDOH-focused technology platforms and solutions in the healthcare market. While the intent is to serve communities, many technology-forward approaches have failed to include community members and community based organizations in the development and implementation of products. This approach of creating solutions about communities, especially marginalized ones, without the community reinforces structural racism, oppression, and bias. Without intentionally centering community voice, equity, and anti-racism principles, the SDOH sector runs the risk of perpetuating and inflicting harm on the communities they seek to serve and normalizing the issue of structural racism found in tech-forward SDOH interventions.

During this 75 minute webinar, four panelists will discuss:

  • How tech-forward approaches promote and perpetuate structural racism and bias
  • The risk of normalizing structural racism and bias in tech-forward SDOH approaches
  • Steps that both limit and address harm to the community when tackling SDOH