Masks, Vaccines, Testing: Staying Prepared for COVID-19 in Your Community

Over the past two years, community-based workforces and organizations have been integral to ensuring their communities have access to both the information and tools to keep them safe — which has been a lot to manage and at times overwhelming, especially when resources were limited and information was rapidly shifting. Access to testing, vaccines and masks has since improved and national COVID-19 case rates are declining, but COVID-19 will continue to be part of our lives as case rates vary by region and new variants will inevitably emerge. This means it’s imperative that communities stay prepared.

During this webinar originally hosted on March 10, 2022,  the National Association of Community Health Workers (NACHW) and the Vaccine Equity Cooperative (VEC) reviewed the latest updates, guidance and resources needed for communities to stay prepared and up-to-date. Preparing for the next wave will lead to further prevention of cases, by equipping communities with the tools needed to protect themselves both now and in the future. Presenters reviewed the major elements of COVID-19 prevention, including:

  • Latest updates on COVID-19 testing programs currently available for individuals and communities
  • Current guidelines on masking and how communities can access free masks
  • Recommendations and resources to increase vaccination rates, especially for children
  • Tools to increase ventilation in indoor environments

Presentation Slides