COVID-19 and Social Media: Best Practices to Reach Your Communities

Social media has become a go-to source for COVID-19 news, and while these platforms can be useful to share helpful guidance, they can also spread misinformation that harms communities. By leveraging their role as local trusted messengers, community-based organizations (CBOs) can use social media to spread credible public health interventions, educating families and community members with equity-centered communication efforts. However, challenges can arise trying to make sure the information is both applicable and reaches the communities CBOs intend to serve. How do you know what the right framing is? How do you make sure you’re reaching as many people quickly and efficiently as possible? Which platform is most beneficial to your target audience to ensure the best engagement?

In this webinar originally hosted by the Vaccine Equity Cooperative, experts answered the most pressing questions on effective social media communication strategies and shared best practices for leveraging social media in your community — especially with limited resources and small budgets. Two local communities also highlighted equity centered approaches that ensure public health communications reach our most vulnerable populations, feature culturally competent content and resources, and combat misinformation.

• Dana Variano, Account Manager – Digital, RALLY
• Sabina Mohyuddin, Executive Director, American Muslim Advisory Council
• Gilberto Lopez, Director,
• Julie Scofield, Director – Community COVID Coalition, CDC Foundation

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