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December 02

Two Part Webinar Series: Moving from Antiracism Intention to Action

The challenges associated with confronting and eliminating structural racism are extensive and require intentional reflection and correction of the processes and systems that harm communities. This webinar series focuses on the CIE Data Equity Framework, an innovative tool that can be used to guide institutions and individuals towards creating more equitable and inclusive systems that support overall well-being and positive health outcomes for their communities.

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August 04

Beyond Do No Harm: Elevating BIPOC Voices in SDOH Interventions

If organizations are truly committed to addressing the systemic barriers and root causes of inequity within the communities they serve, then SDOH interventions must include authentic community engagement and power and decision rights need to be shared with the BIPOC community. During this 75 minute webinar, panelists will discuss steps and strategies to better integrate BIPOC voice, especially lived experience, into SDOH interventions.

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July 29

Bringing Light & Heat: A Health Equity Guide for Healthcare Transformation and Accountability

Developed by national organizations with experience at the forefront of healthcare transformation and health equity initiatives, a new guidebook, Bringing Light & Heat: A Health Equity Guide for Healthcare Transformation and Accountability, provides this needed framework. The Guide outlines a strategic process for leaders and managers of healthcare institutions to commit to, own, and advance health equity and racial justice (bringing light) and outlines key questions stakeholders can use to help hold these systems accountable for this critical work (bringing heat).

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