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Dr. Michael Fingerhood

Working in East Baltimore, Dr. Fingerwood knows community matters - and regularly talks to church leaders, visits senior centers and meets with patients at a local recovery center.

Dr. Michael Fingerhood grew up in Brooklyn, NY, in an apartment complex that was dense and crowded. His family didn’t have a car. So, he knows both personally and professionally, that a person’s health can be impacted by having access to housing, food, a job, transportation or health insurance.

After 32 years as a doctor, and starting the Comprehensive Care Practice at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Dr. Fingerhood is heavily involved in the East Baltimore community. He regularly talks to church leaders, visits senior centers, and meets with patients at a local recovery center. To Dr. Fingerhood, community matters and so does a person’s essential life needs:

“I grew up in a lower-middle class setting. My training and background always made me consider and factor in social circumstances to how all of life happens. In medicine, it was as natural for me to learn as being a physician–that this was obvious–that a person’s life circumstance had to be considered in the context of taking care of a patient.”

Over the last few years, Health Leads has partnered with the clinic to help patients who needed things like reduced cost hearing aids, food stamps, disability transportation, and dentures. As a primary care clinic with a focus on chemical dependence and HIV, Dr. Fingerhood has seen patients go from an extremely difficult situation to a place of more sustainable and balanced health. He knows this is in large part because his clinic is addressing people’s essential life needs.

While the Baltimore area is now home to Dr. Fingerhood, he doesn’t forget his roots–and how his life story impacts his own work as a doctor. Dr. Fingerhood believes health exists with the whole person, an understanding that, he knows, is a big step in the right direction.