Monica Torres first visited the Health Leads desk at Hasbro Children’s Hospital after a well visit for one of her grandchildren. For the past several months, Monica and her husband had been caring for their three grandchildren, ages 9, 7, and 5, because her daughter was not equipped to care for them on her own.… Read More >

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Health Leads Advocates are a clinical team’s resource specialists. They are tenacious and creative in helping patients connect to the basic resources they need to be healthy. And through this work, Advocates not only obtain the skills to best serve families, but also develop the experience and knowledge that position them to be leaders in… Read More >

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Veronica Morello* is a single mother with two children and works two jobs.  In a recent visit to Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Veronica began working with Mia, a Health Leads Advocate, to enroll in ESL classes.  During their time together, Veronica mentioned that finances were a bit tight, which limited her class enrollment options. At a… Read More >

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The accomplishments of 17 graduating seniors (left) of Brown University in assisting hundreds of Rhode Island families to realize healthier futures were cause for celebration on May 25. The event was attended by members of the Providence community, Hasbro Children’s Hospital staff,  and family and friends of the graduates. Explaining why he takes such pride in Health Leads’ volunteers… Read More >