At Health Leads, we’re thrilled to once again see our founding partner, Boston Medical Center (BMC), recognized for its great work to address the full set of factors that address patients’ health.  A new article in U.S. News and World Report, “Some Hospitals Prescribe Food, Take Other Steps to Fight Food Insecurity,” highlights BMC for… Read More >

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Making Connections in Boston

The day Maxine returned home from the hospital, her landlord handed her an eviction notice. Maxine, who was seven months pregnant with her third child, had just been through weeks of treatment for injuries from a car accident. Since the money intended to use for rent was needed to cover her medical bills, she had… Read More >

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We’ve long known that healthy food impacts health — but can it actually be shown to reduce illness and lower healthcare costs? That’s the question Massachusetts General Hospital physician and researcher Dr. Seth Berkowitz is trying to answer in a new study. A recent article in The Boston Globe, “Group Aims to Show That Good… Read More >

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Bernadette Lim currently serves as an Advocate at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  She is a student at Harvard College. Each Wednesday is marked in my calendar as “Health Leads Day.” After engaging in a discussion about Medicare and Medicaid in my sociology class, I eagerly grab my bag lunch and take the subway to… Read More >

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In the town of Brockton, Massachusetts, where almost a quarter of the population lives in poverty and one in ten has diabetes, an unlikely partnership has created new opportunity for a healthier community. Jason Barbosa, the owner of a popular local grocery store, has expanded his business into an unoccupied warehouse and welcomed a community… Read More >

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