Mateo is a patient at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center’s West County Health Center in Northern California.  He recently shared his Health Leads experience with us, including how it changed his approach to his diabetes management. I live in Richmond, CA.  My wife and I came here from Nicaragua five years ago with our three… Read More >

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In a recent interview in HP Matter, in conjunction with Fast Company, “Big Data in Healthcare: When a Hot Meal is What the Doctor Ordered,” CEO Rebecca Onie discusses the push to incorporate patients’ social needs into electronic medical records and the potential of Health Leads’ own Salesforce-based technology platform to impact the healthcare system.… Read More >

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Recently, we launched operations in California’s Bay Area, an extraordinarily momentous milestone for us at Health Leads. We are incredibly excited to now be serving families in Northern California and are honored to partner with Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest health systems in the United States, and Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, one of… Read More >

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