Bernadette Lim currently serves as an Advocate at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  She is a student at Harvard College. Each Wednesday is marked in my calendar as “Health Leads Day.” After engaging in a discussion about Medicare and Medicaid in my sociology class, I eagerly grab my bag lunch and take the subway to… Read More >

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It has been a busy graduation season at Health Leads! Over five weeks this spring, from New York to the Bay Area, we’re welcoming nearly 200 graduating seniors into our Alumni Network, a powerful group of leaders, many of whom are working to change the way healthcare is delivered in our country. At over ten… Read More >

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Meet an Advocate: Phung Tran

Phung Tran currently serves as an Advocate at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC.  He is a student at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he’s majoring in community health with a focus on minority health and global poverty.   Innovative — this is the first word that comes to my mind when… Read More >

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As the healthcare system becomes increasingly focused on keeping patients healthy rather than simply managing disease, hospitals and clinics are looking for creative ways to add depth and effectiveness to the healthcare team. And no matter the name – Health Leads Advocates, patient navigators, community health workers, or something else – these groups all have… Read More >

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Health Leads Advocates are a clinical team’s resource specialists. They are tenacious and creative in helping patients connect to the basic resources they need to be healthy. And through this work, Advocates not only obtain the skills to best serve families, but also develop the experience and knowledge that position them to be leaders in… Read More >

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