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Healthcare’s Mainstages Need More Experts in Lived Experience  

07.18.2019 | Meagan Puzacke, MSc

At a time when an increasing number of healthcare organizations are driving toward more equitable outcomes through community-led health improvement initiatives, it’s those with Expert Lived Experience whose voices are more important than ever. It’s time to see that value reflected on healthcare’s mainstages — and here’s how we get there.

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An Analysis on How your Zip Code Determines Your Health Outcomes

03.23.2019 | Jennifer Valenzuela and Tigee Hill

Chief of People and Culture Jennifer Valenzuela and Director of Programs and Initiatives Tigee Hill spoke at the Aspen Challenge and together wrote this blog post for Aspen Challenge, where they pose this, "Did you know that your zip code is the greatest predictor of how long you are expected to live? Not your blood pressure, not your cholesterol levels, not your genetics. Your zip code." Head on over to Aspen Challenge to read the rest of the blog.