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Why ‘Small Data’ is Key to Community Health

09.09.2019 | Bridget Darby

Any organization that works to address community-level health inequities must think seriously about how to ensure data are not only mission-aligned, but actually build the kind of shared power needed to achieve health goals. In these situations, ‘Small Data’ can be just as important — if not moreso — than the Big Data we hear about so frequently. Here's what Small Data is and isn't.

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An Analysis on How your Zip Code Determines Your Health Outcomes

03.23.2019 | Jennifer Valenzuela and Tigee Hill

Chief of People and Culture Jennifer Valenzuela and Director of Programs and Initiatives Tigee Hill spoke at the Aspen Challenge and together wrote this blog post for Aspen Challenge, where they pose this, "Did you know that your zip code is the greatest predictor of how long you are expected to live? Not your blood pressure, not your cholesterol levels, not your genetics. Your zip code." Head on over to Aspen Challenge to read the rest of the blog.